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Before you register

You will need the following to register
  • A valid email address: All communication from the BEElab server (invites, updates, etc.) will be sent to this email address.

    We strongly recommend to use your Maastricht University email address if you have one. Other services might flag the BEElab invitation and confirmation emails as spam. Please note that it is not possible to register with a Gmail address, as Gmail blocks the confirmation emails

  • Your university ID number: You will need to bring your university ID card with you to all experiments that you are registered for. The name and number on your BEElab account must match your ID card. If you are not a Maastricht University student, please use the ID card and number of the higher education institution you are enrolled in. If you do not have a student ID card or number please contact to register.
If you have the above, please read the Rules and Privacy Policy carefully and click “Yes” to agree to them if you wish to register.

Please note that under no circumstances should you register more than once with the BEElab website - see point one of the Rules that you agree to before registering. For example:
  • If you are experiencing problems with your account, please contact for assistance. Do not register a new account instead.
  • If you have previously registered with the BEElab website and closed your account, but would like to register again (for example, if you closed your account after finishing your Bachelor’s programme but are returning for a Master’s programme and would like to re-open your account), please contact for assistance. Do not register a new account instead.

In order to participate in experiments conducted by researchers of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Maastricht University, you have to register online. By clicking on "Yes" you agree to the rules and our data policy.
  • Registering more than once is strictly forbidden.
  • By registering on this website, you indicate your intention to take part in experiments conducted by the SBE. The registration is without any obligation.
  • For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will get an invitation email. Only invited persons may participate.
  • If you get an invitation email you may choose to participate. If you want to participate, you have to respond positively to the invitation email (by clicking the given link and select one of the time slots offered). If you are not interested in participation in this specific experiment you may ignore the invitation email.
  • If you accepted an invitation and committed to participate in a specific experimental session you have to turn up at the given place and time. The cost for cancelling a session because of no-shows easily adds up to more than Euro 1000.-. Hence, we will monitor no-shows and late-comers. The more unreliable a candidate is, the less likely he/she will be invited for further experiments.
  • Usually, your participation in an experiment will be compensated in cash. In some cases also shopping vouchers or lottery tickets are given away. The amount you earn varies. It may depend on your decisions, on other participants' decisions, as well as on random events. If the payment method is different from cash, you will be notified before committing to participate.
  • During an experiment, you receive detailed instructions from the experimenters. You are supposed to comply with the instructions. Otherwise you may be expelled from the experiment without financial compensation. You can rely on the information given in the instructions. You will not be deceived.
  • During an experiment, your participation is voluntary. That is, you may withdraw at any time. However, if you withdraw before the end of the study, you will receive no financial compensation. Withdrawal will not affect your grades or academic standing and will not affect your ability to participate in future experiments.
  • To ensure that only those people who have been invited and who positively answered to the invitation email take part in the experiment, participants are asked to carry an identity paper (with a picture on it) with them. A participant who does not carry an identity paper will not be able to participate.

By registering you agree to comply with the rules above.

Privacy policy

The data you provide to the recruitment system during the registration process will only be used for the purpose of selecting and inviting you to scientific experiments. We will not pass on the data to third parties.

The data that will be gathered during the experiments will be scientifically analysed. The results of the analysis will be published in (scientific) journals, newspapers and online. The analysis of the data is done anonymously and it is ensured that your decisions cannot be linked back to your person in any way.

Do you agree with the rules and the privacy policy?

For questions please contact